The exercise centre where Exercise Physiologists design you a personalised exercise program and supervise you whilst you work out! Our Exercise approach is completely different to your average gym, as our Exercise Physiologists use the latest exercise research, incorporating biomechanical, motor control, cardiovascular and metabolic principles, to design your program. We also believe that effective exercise outcomes can only be achieved under supervision. Exercise For Life prides itself on providing clients with exercise supervision, support and feedback.

Exercise has always been a part of my life, but recently every time I exercise my knees hurt for a couple of days. Exercise For Life booked me in for a movement assessment and found that my right ankle rolled in and that my right knee had some muscle wasting. After working with an Exercise Physiologist using a postural and muscle-retraining program I don’t suffer from any pain and I feel the fittest I’ve been for years.

I’ve tried other gyms for years, but have been frustrated with the lack of supervision and exercise expertise of the staff. Joining Exercise For Life has opened my eyes. I had never heard of an Exercise Physiologist and was unaware they are university trained. What a difference! The Exercise Physiologist at Exercise For Life set an exercise program that addresses my specific health needs, or as Matt told me, “a Retraining Program”. I have never felt so good and in control of my health!  Simon Inglewood

Preparing Your Body For Your Bub!

As an expecting mother or new mother, there are various changes that occur to our body throughout pregnancy.  The most obvious is the growth of our stomach and abdomen area to accommodate the new bub while it is growing and developing inside of us....

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Don’t Put Up With Knee Issues!

Have you ever heard people comment that once you get to 40 years of age and older that you have to slow down to protect your knees? as that this will help preserve your knee joints and prevent pain?   Many people believe that knee pain is a progressive condition...

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