Lower back pain can be a frustrating reoccurrence that stops many people from leading a pain free life.  People who suffer from lower back pain become fearful of movement and start to avoid activities that aggravates their symptoms.



Mistakes People Make When They Experience Lower Back Pain:


If you experience lower back pain and you normally exercise then the best thing that you can do is to continue exercising.  REST is the worst thing that you can do as it encourages your trunk muscles to become tight and can result in deconditioning.


Don’t listen to advice from people who don’t have formal training.  Although friends and family have the best intentions they often give advice based on hearsay and not from treatment that they received personally.


Don’t fear that you are broken.  There is too much bad media around lower back pain that tends to suggest that lower back pain changes your life forever.  This is not to dismiss the reality of pain, but to help people understand that most forms of lower back are very manageable.


There are no rules to follow and movement that you have to adopt.  Many treatment approaches suggest that you need to adopt certain postures like keeping your back straight when lifting.  This type of mindset tend to result in people stiffening their muscles or holding their breath when lifting. This can result in overactivation or increased guarding of large trunk muscles, which contributes tightness.

The Best Way To Manage Lower Back Pain:


When you experience lower back pain, make sure that you continue to do what you normally do.  If it is exercise, then continue to exercise. This is the best way to offset muscle tightness and changes in movement due to pain.


Find your go to exercise.  This is the mobility exercise that you gives you the best release of your trunk muscles.  Do this exercise regularly (5 minutes 3-4 times a day). For a tip on a great lower mobility exercise view my attached video https://youtu.be/S57_TpbkKRQ


Make sure that you breathe normally.  When people are experiencing lower back pain they tend to change their breathing to shallow rib cage types of breathing, particularly when they go to move.  This is because they anticipate that movement will cause pain, so they hold their breath to brace.


When your pain settles down the best thing to do is to engage in exercises that will improve your overall strength.  This approach is vital in ensure that your spine is supported by strong muscle interactions and that you feel confident to trust your back to carry out normal daily tasks


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