Don’t Put Up With Knee Issues!

Have you ever heard people comment that once you get to 40 years of age and older that you have to slow down to protect your knees? as that this will help preserve your knee joints and prevent pain?   Many people believe that knee pain is a progressive condition...

3 Tips To Manage Lower Back Pain

3 Tips To Manage Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain can be a frustrating reoccurrence that stops many people from leading a pain free life.  People who suffer from lower back pain become fearful of movement and start to avoid activities that aggravates their symptoms.     Mistakes People Make...

Don’t Put Up With Back Pain

Don’t Put Up With Back Pain

Reducing Niggling Lower Back Pain   How Lower Back Pain Occurs   There is no one factor that causes Lower Back Pain, however, it can affect about 80% of the population in their lifetime. There are many theories that have been proposed explaining the cause of...

Don’t Just Put Up With Knee Pain!

One of the most common issues that clients present to me with at Exercise For life is mechanical or non-specific knee pain.  This is usually described as wear and tear, degeneration, bone on bone, catching of the knee or just old age.  Well, all of the above...

Exercise Is Best For You?

What Exercise Is Best For You? Most people read Dr Google or follow an “Expert” on instagram to choose the best exercise program to follow. Choosing the correct approach to being healthy is as important as going to the Doctor when you are unwell, but it seems to be...

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