Reducing Niggling Lower Back Pain


How Lower Back Pain Occurs


There is no one factor that causes Lower Back Pain, however, it can affect about 80% of the population in their lifetime. There are many theories that have been proposed explaining the cause of lower back pain.  

It does change the way you move in the short term and this could cause trunk muscle guarding. Pain stimulates all the sensory nerves in the area and this again may change movement and therefore offload the irritated structures. As a result of this over stimulation of the nervous system people become fearful of movement.

Unfortunately the terminology that is often used to describe lower back pain includes degeneration, slipped disc and my back is out, which all tend to indicate that back pain is something that people have to live with for the rest of their lives.

This creates a feeling of despair as this type of information makes people feel that they are broken, which leaves them fearful to aggravate their back.


What Happens And How Long For?

  • Lower back pain results in a guarding response.

  • Guarding causes tightening of the muscles involved in stabilising and moving the affected area.

  • Due the muscle tightness and compensatory postures remain, leaving the person feeling vulnerable to pain flare ups.  

  • This creates a cycle where the person fears pain, limits movement and as a result they become physically de-conditioned and weak.

What Is The Magic Cure For Lower back Pain?


The simple answer is that there is no magical cure because there is no clear reason as to why people suffer from lower back pain.  MRI investigations can show conflicting results, where a person who demonstrates no structural injury on an MRI can be experiencing high levels of pain, as opposed to another person who demonstrates disc degeneration or facet joint arthritis, but experiences no pain.

Although people who suffer from lower back pain often fear movement, the best way to overcome pain is to move. This allows the spinal structures to move through normal range and allows the brain normal control of the muscles.

Due to the fear that many people with lower back experience it is recommended that a structured exercise program can assist with a positive recovery.

So What Is The Solution?

  •   Our exercise program focuses on reversing the impact of compensatory guarding to allow the trunk muscles to distribute load evenly when you move.

  • Once this is achieved we provide you with exercises to use the trunk and gluteal muscles that have become de-conditioned due to lack of use.

  • The program will be progressed over the next 12 weeks to develop strength throughout your whole body.

  • As a result you will feel comfortable to move and to trust your back.


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