Knee Pain

Exercise For Knee Pain

Just because you are plagued with knee pain doesn’t mean you have to leave exercise behind – there are plenty of ways to improve your health and fitness without causing extra discomfort.

Our Exercise Physiologists will provide you with an individualized training program, which meets your specific needs.  You will feel like you have new knees within 90 days of going through this program. But you won’t have to wait that long because within one month you’ll see 5 dramatic improvements emerging.

You’ll notice:

  1. Your knees will not ache or be in discomfort when sitting, standing, or sleeping.
  2. Walking, running, playing sports, or dancing once felt “out of your realm of possibility” now seems easily within your reach.
  3. Normal daily activities no longer feel like “painful hard work on your knees”… it’s effortless.
  4. The feeling of nervousness you used to get before standing, sitting, or bending down is completely gone.
  5. For reasons that are a mystery to everyone but you, me, and those who go through this program… you not only eliminate the pain in your knees… you become strong and flexible.

In February I met up with some girlfriends for coffee and in the course of conversation I mentioned that I needed two knee replacements. One of my friends suggested that we call into Exercise For Life and see if it was suitable for me. That visit has changed my life! By Easter I had reduced the amount of painkillers I was taking. My husband noticed that I was walking more easily and I was able to hold my granddaughter on my knee with no pain. I was seeing a specialist at Hollywood about an unrelated matter (excessively high iron levels) and about six weeks after I started at Exercise For Life I had another appointment. The specialist couldn’t believe the difference – I had lost seven kilos, my iron levels were normal and my metabolism is working normally. He asked me if I was doing anything different and I told him about my exercise routine. His advice: “Keep moving!

I’m telling all my friends about Exercise For Life. The staffs are so professional and so friendly – it is a pleasure to go to the gym, knowing that I will get personal attention for any problems I may have. Best of all, I think I can postpone the knee operations for quite a while!   Barbara, Morley.