Why Exercise Physiology Should Be Part Of My NDIS Plan


Have you tried to complete an exercise program to increase strength and improve mobility, but found that you just didn’t achieve your goals or feel supported enough? 

Did you know that you can include exercise physiology services into your management plan to assist you in achieving your goals and health outcomes? 


What is an exercise physiologist?

Exercise physiologists are allied health professionals who are university qualified to design, deliver and evaluate safe and effective exercise interventions for people with acute, sub-acute and chronic medical conditions, injuries or disabilities. 


How Exercise Physiology Can Help You Achieve Your Health Goals:

Exercise Physiology is highly recommended for you as part of your NDIS Plan if you are living with a disability and:

  • the disability makes it hard to maintain good health and wellbeing
  • you are at increased risk of developing or already have an existing condition that impairs your physical movement
  • your management plan goals relates to moving independently, maintaining mobility, building strength or fitness and even participation in community sports!


What can I request for Exercise Physiology funding for?

Exercise Physiology services can be utilised to improve function through muscles that have become inactive or weakened as a result of your disability. The array of services that exercise physiology can provide is endless


What can Exercise Physiology be claimed under?

These can be claimed under the Improved Daily Living or Improved Health & Wellbeing category, and is considered separate to other allied health services such as physiotherapy. Services included are assessments, exercise therapy sessions (one-to-one, home exercise programs, group sessions and community programs), training of family and support workers, and exercise equipment prescription.


How do I get started?!

Start with your NDIS Plan Meeting with your appropriate Support Coordinator – ensure that your requested support is ‘reasonable and necessary’ in order to be funded. This means making sure that your goals align with your support services.

Next up, find a Provider that provides the necessary services to help you achieve your goals. If you are agency-managed, you can find your local provider here


Now that you have a little more information on how to get started, don’t let the thought slip and take action to start your health journey now! 

At Exercise For Life, our Exercise Physiologists are committed to bringing you the best care to help you with your NDIS Plan goals. If you are interested to learn more about our services and how we can help you, contact us on:


Phone: 9371 8563

Email: health@exercsieforlife.com.au

Visit here for more information! 


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