What to expect at Exercise For Life?

Your Initial assessment with one of our Exercise Physiologists includes a thorough discussion of the nature of your pain (where, type of symptoms, duration and intensity of symptoms) as well as a bit about you! We can’t help you get better if we don’t know what it is you want to get back to! So we will also discuss your work, physical activity and other life demands to determine what management you need to get back to those things even stronger and more robust than before!

Your Exercise Physiologist will then conduct a thorough physical assessment. This will involve both hands on assessment from the therapist but also practical assessment. This will include things related to your specific history, for example: Throwing, catching, chest pressing and shoulder pressing. We will also make sure we keep track of how things are changing and add or subtract things from your program when necessary to make sure you’re always getting the best care possible! We’ll provide you with a management plan to help you understand your condition and your path forward to become pain free!

Exercise Physiology is covered via most private health insurance funds. Inquire with your private health insurance fund to check to see if your policy includes Exercise Physiology as an Allied health service covered under your policy. At the time of your assessment we will process your health insurance card via our HICAPS terminal.

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After the initial assessment your Exercise Physiologist will plan out a specific exercise program to help you achieve your goals and the best outcome
In order for this to occur, your EP is going to introduce key exercises each session to allow your body to change.Your EP will be taking time to explain and demonstrate these exercises so that you become familiar with how your body reacts to the training.Remember, that this is training for your body and like any new activity your body has to learn.

To help you to stay focused on your journey, your EP will provide you with a management plan that will outline your goals and details your exercise plan for.The most important part of your program is the first 4 weeks.  This is where you are really going to feel changes. In order for you to achieve the best outcome your EP will book 2 appointments with you a week for the first 3 weeks.

When you attend Exercise For Life for your exercise program there will be an Exercise Physiologist on the floor to supervise you.  The Exercise Physiologist will provide you friendly advice when adjusting equipment and deliver corrective feedback to ensure that you adopt precise body position and movement.

To ensure that you are achieving your health goals and remaining motivated your program will reviewed regularly.  This will provide an opportunity to monitor your progression and to make adjustments to progress or regress your program.

By training correct postural positioning and muscular retraining you will start to experience reduced joint stiffness and associated pain.  Once your body adapts to the training your energy levels will increase, leading to an improved sense of well-being.  You will start to notice that you can walk faster and for longer.  When walking up and down stairs you will be able to accommodate the stairs without fear of pain, lack of energy and risk of fall.  After a few weeks of regular exercise you will start to sleep better, lose weight, become clear in thinking and start to have an increased sense of smell and taste.

After a few months of regular exercise your friends will start to notice how well you look and you will start to feel better than you did when you were 10 years younger.

In terms of reducing the risks of chronic disease, regular exercise will also assist in improving regulation of bodily fluids and blood pressure, reduced burden on the heart and circulatory system, reductions in blood triglycerides, blood glucose and risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

Congratulations on taking the step in improving your health for life.  I will look forward to seeing you soon.

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