Exercise For Osteoporosis

Having Osteoporosis doesn’t mean that you are frail and weak!

As you get older it is natural to lose bone mineral density. Osteoporosis occurs when calcium loss occurs more readily than the body can replace causing the bones to become fragile and weak. Osteoporosis can be caused by eating disorder, low body weight at a young age, prolonged use of corticosteroids, some cancer therapy medication and malabsorption issues such as caelitus.

What can we do about it?

Our Exercise Physiologist design and deliver specific exercise programs to focus on delivering prescriptive load to the musculo-skeletal system. Our specific exercise approach uses resistance weights to deliver shearing and torsional loads to the bones to encourage the body to sustain current bone mineral density. Once your muscles have adapted we progressively adapt the exercise program to continually stimulate the body to adapt.

What to expect at Exercise For Life

Initial assessment with an Exercise Physiologist includes thorough discussion of the stage of your osteoporosis Diagnosis (Looking at your Dexa scan to determine your Z and T scores) as well as a bit about you! We can’t help you get better if we don’t know what it is you want to get back to!

So we will also discuss your work, physical activity and other life demands to determine what management you need to get back to those things stronger and more robust than before!

We will then conduct a thorough physical assessment. This will involve both hands on assessment from the Exercise Physiologist but also practical assessment. This will include things related to your specific history, for example: walking, squatting, lifting and definitely any exercise in the gym or work that gives you your pain.

We will also make sure we keep track of how things are changing and add or subtract things from your program when necessary to make sure you’re always getting the best care possible! We’ll provide you with a management plan to help you understand your condition and your path forward to sustain your bone mineral density!



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