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Shoulder pain is often caused by inflammation of a fluid filled sac called the bursa. Everyone have bursas in their shoulder and their job is to reduce friction in the shoulder spaces.

Sometimes when we receive contact to the shoulder, or the muscles of the shoulder don’t work as efficiently as we want them too, tendons rub over the bursa which causes them to become inflamed and sore.

Typically we can see what is known as a painful arc of pain – this means we can have relatively no pain at the start of lifting our arm up, pain throughout the middle (the arc) and then no pain again once you reach the top of the movement. This type of symptom is why it can also be referred to as an impingement of the shoulder.


At Exercise For Life, we love treating shoulder injuries such as Shoulder Impingement and Bursitis As Exercise Physiologists we have extensive knowledge of the musculoskeletal system and will reduce your pain using a variety of different techniques including postural retraining, stretching and trigger release. Once your shoulder pain is reduced we can get you back to moving well and strengthening the surrounding muscles to take the load off of the joint itself to give you great long term results!

Your shoulders are a vital part of everyday movement and activity, and it is incredibly important to look after them. Shoulders are vulnerable to pain and injury and Exercise Physiology can act not only as a treatment for the post injury patient, but also as a preventative measure.

We use a structured exercise approach to help you move your shoulder comfortably and then progress the exercises to gradually strengthen the muscles to move and support the shoulder. We have found that this is the best approach to help you to feel confident to trust your shoulder and to reduce recurrence of pain!

The occasional niggle or tightness may be nothing to worry about, but failing to pay attention to sharp or lingering pain may end up causing you a lot of problems in the future. If your shoulder pain is stopping you from doing what you normally love to do, then it is time to get it looked at by one of our experienced Exercise Physiologists. In general, shoulder pain that is affecting your day to day life is a sign that something needs to be looked at.

Often we just assume things will get better by themselves or with enough rest, but this is rarely the case, so take action and get back to doing what you love as soon as possible!



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