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Exercise For Life team member Matt Harris

Matt Harris

Exercise For Life team member Fiona

Fiona Nguyen

Exercise Physiologist
Exercise For Life team member Anelyce

Anelyce Caporn

Exercise Physiologist
Exercise For Life team member Solomon

Solomon Terry

Exercise Physiologist
Exercise For Life team member Tiahna

Tiahna Lucks

Client Experience Officer
More about Tiahna...

Hello, my name is Tiahna, I am the Client Experience officer here at Exercise for life.
My role here is to ensure all of our clients have the best experience on their health journey with us, but also to support the exercise physiologist team so they can spend more time with all their clients.

All my past jobs have been customer care roles as its something I’m passionate about, I love spending time with people. A big part of why I love my role is because it’s extremely rewarding being able to see different people achieving their health goals day in and day out with the help of our Exercise Physiologists. I’m proud to be a part of a caring team that is committed to achieving life changing health outcomes for our clients.

I personally am an active person and enjoy keeping fit. My favourite quote being- “The only bad workout is the one that didn’t happen”

Exercise For Life team member Sue

Sue Harris

More about Sue...

Since Matt & I opened Exercise for Life in 2003 I have worked behind the scenes, from home, doing daily administration and bookkeeping.

I have loved seeing our business develop over that time and interacting with all the wonderful clients that we have coming to our Gym.

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