Anelyce Caporn

Exercise For Life team member Anelyce

Anelyce Caporn

Exercise Physiologist

I love being an Exercise Physiologist here at Exercise For Life because I love seeing the improvements and positive changes that I can make to my clients lives..

It can be as simple as gaining more mobility, to make every day life easier, reducing pain levels and delaying the need for surgery. I also enjoy the challenge of working with clients suffering from multiple chronic health conditions or injuries and designing an exercise program to help them achieve their desired health goal.

My passion and love is working in Women’s health. I enjoy working with Women with health conditions such as osteoporosis, pre and post-partum and incontinence. Simple treatment strategies can help make life more sociable, manageable and enjoyable. I also have a keen interest in working with clients who suffer from chronic lower back pain. Working closely together over a few weeks to reduce pain levels, gain movement and work towards loading correctly to ensure your body is strong enough to support itself and reduce flare ups.

I love coming to work each day knowing I can have a positive impact on people’s lives and make them more independent and manage chronic pain and health conditions. Ensuring everybody can enjoy life, go on holidays, keep up with the family or injury rehabilitation through exercise physiology.

Everybody benefits from exercise and our bodies are made to move. Come and see me at Exercise For Life and see how I can help you reduce pain levels, get you moving correctly and feel amazing through exercise. Exercise is Medicine!

Consulting Hours

Friday – Saturday: 9am – 5:30am


08 9371 8563