Exercise Rehabilitation

What is Exercise Rehabilitation?

Our values are the underlying characteristics of our team. These values guide us and define us as Exercise For Life practitioners.

How Do We Help?

Our rehabiliation programs are delivered at our specialised rehab facility in Bedford, or for clients out of the area we have the capacity to travel to the Northern and Southern suburbs. The program is focussed on the re-education of movement to provide long term sustainable change and ensure that a client can make a full return to the workforce, either in their selected duties or to provide assistance with retraining for an alternative occupation.

Our Services include:

Initial Assessments

Workplace Assessments

Ergonomic Assessments

Medical Case Conferences

Return to Work Programs including set up and ongoing monitoring

Redeployment assistance including Vocational Assessments, Transferable Skills Assessments, Work Trial Programs and Job Search Assistance

Injury prevention services for employers including Job Analyses, Ergonomic Assessments and Training and Manual Task Training


Conditions We Work With

Neuromuscular Disease

Exercise for Seniors

Diabetes Prevention & Management

Weight Loss

The Exercise For Life Difference:

In addition to the treatment, We pride ourselves on our communication, guaranteeing regular contact every 2 weeks via phone calls, reports and email updates. We have capacity to attend case conferences to provide the nominated treating doctor (NTD) and stakeholders an update on the worker’s current injury status and progress to ensure the certificate of capacity reflects the worker’s current physical capacity. Lastly, we love to attend the worksite to to get a full understanding of the worker’s pre injury duties and work conditions! This allows us to create a program that is personalised to the worker!

Treatment Provider Engagement

We engage and empower General Practitioners and other treatment providers to be proactive and work in collaboration in regards to the return to work process.

Client-Centred Approach

We empower the injured worker throughout the recovery and return to work process feeling confident and comfortable with their action.

Excellent Customer Service

Our service is seamless and streamlined.

Outcome Focused

We will deliver on our promise.

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