Pre-Employment Assessment

What is a Pre-Employment Assessment?

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How Do We Help?

Our pre-employment assessment include: Functional  Assessments, Fitness Assessments and Musculo-skeletal Assessments.  All assessments are performed and assessed by Exercise For Life’s Exercise Physiologists who specialise in injury screening, prevention and rehabilitation.

EXERCISE FOR LIFE’s tailored health screening services include:

Role, task & site specific pre-employment medicals

Functional capacity & musculoskeletal assessments

Drug & alcohol screening


Health surveillance

Mental health & lifestyle questionnaires

A range of specific assessments including The Physical Work Capacity Assessment (PWCA), conducted for DFES

How Do We Help?

Pre-Employment Medicals & Functional Assessments

EXERCISE FOR LIFE’s medical and functional assessments are specifically tailored to your organisation’s unique requirements. Our pre-employment medical screening tool has been designed by our Specialists and Allied Health Professionals identifying key risk factors contributing to injury.

Our experience and expertise allows us to deliver an unparalleled assessment. EXERCISE FOR LIFE completes pre-employment medicals for many companies over a diverse range of industries which has provided our practitioners with exposure to many roles, and a comprehensive understanding of different job requirements. We design our functional assessments based on the specific requirements of each job role. Prior to the provision of services, our experienced team can also visit your site to effectively develop an assessment tailored to the job requirements in terms of strength, flexibility, muscular endurance and aerobic fitness.

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