The Mistakes You’re Making with Lower Back Pain


Working with clients who have experienced years of lower back pain I have seen fear as the largest hurdle for them to eliminate their pain.  Fear to do things that may result in pain stops many people from becoming involved in activities that they enjoy doing and causes them to avoid most activity in general.

When I commence working with clients suffering from back pain we always start with the end goal in mind, and that goal is to get them stronger. Now this doesn’t mean that I expect all of my clients to become Arnold Schwarzenegger, but the concept is the same.

Challenge Your Belief About Back Pain

1.   Breathing and Stretching Soft Tissue

When I commence with clients we work on developing a relaxed and deep breathing technique.  This helps to eliminate breath holding and guarded breathing that contributes to trunk muscle tightness.  During this early stage of lower back recovery we also focus on decreasing tightness in trunk muscles, gluteal muscles and lumbo-pelvic muscles.

2.      Return To Exercise

Following Phase 1 of our lower back program we introduce exercise. This includes range of movement tasks such as supine knee rolls which can watch by clicking here squats and body weight exercises.  This approach is used to reintroduce muscle strength and joint stability.  This phase is key to return clients to normal activity and to help them develop confidence to challenge their lower back.

3.        Exercise To Develop Life Long Trunk Muscle Strength

This stage is the most important part to eliminate lower back pain, but it is also the most challenging for our clients.  The compensatory movements and fear avoidance associated with pain results in decreased trunk muscle strength  Developing strength goes against people’s beliefs that you should rest your back when experiencing pain.  However, developing strength restores muscle co-activation and global trunk muscle strength. 

Starting With The End In Mind 

This concept is the most important part of eliminating lower back pain as it provides our clients with a clear understanding as to what they can expect.

It is important that you work on getting your back stronger. If we can build capacity in your back muscles there is a great chance that you will reduce your episodes of future back pain.

Exercises can start from normal trunk muscles activation activities like a plank and progress to lifting weights from the floor like a deadlift.

Our goal is that everyone leaves our care with a stronger back than before they got injured.

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