WA Police Physical Performance Evaluation

Book a PPE appointment and feel confident about your physiological suitability for Policing

Exercise For Life Has 18 Years of Experience In Testing Applicant Employees From Many Industries

What Is The Physical Performance Evaluation (PPE)?

The PPE is cumulative test that includes:

  1. Illinois agility test
  2. Sit-up test
  3. Push-up test
  4. Grip strength test
  5. Bag carry (35Kg)
  6. Beep test

All PPE testing is conducted by an Exercise Physiologist in our designated Exercise Physiology Clinic. Exercise For Life is owned and run by an ex WA Police Officer of 4 years.

How We Help?

Exercise For Life combines Exercise Physiology and its intimate understanding of Policing to deliver the highest quality testing:

All tests are conducted in a purpose built Exercise Physiology clinic

PPE are carried out by University trained Exercise Physiologists

PPE can be booked and conducted on the same day

Exercise For Life has 16 years of experience delivering pre employment testing with other emergency services.

What Is The Purpose Of The Physical Performance Evaluation?

Policing is a dynamic employment position that requires officers to tackle many different tasks in a day.

Our experience and expertise allows applicants to feel confident that we are committed to providing an evaluation that identifies the physiological suitability of applicants to carry out tasks such as;

Pursuit of offenders

Working under duress

Obstacle negotiation

Effecting arrest

Injury prevention

Betty's story at Exercise For Life
Betty's Story

Bill's story at Exercise for Life
Bill's Story

Exercise has always been a part of my life, but recently every time I exercise my knees hurt for a couple of days. Exercise For Life booked me in for a movement assessment and found that my right ankle rolled in and that my right knee had some muscle wasting. After working with an Exercise Physiologist using a postural and muscle-retraining program I don’t suffer from any pain and I feel the fittest I’ve been for years.

Helping clients move well
A Happy Customer

I’ve tried other gyms for years, but have been frustrated with the lack of supervision and exercise expertise of the staff. Joining Exercise For Life has opened my eyes. I had never heard of an Exercise Physiologist and was unaware they are university trained. What a difference! The Exercise Physiologist at Exercise For Life set an exercise program that addresses my specific health needs, or as Matt told me, “a Retraining Program”. I have never felt so good and in control of my health!

A group exercise class
Simon Inglewood
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